Coach K wore Carolina Blue to Dean Smith’s funeral

Though they were heated opponents on the court as well as had lots of contentious battles, Mike Krzyzewski and also Dean Smith ultimately came to an understanding they were just 2 guys that really, really intended to win. As well as from understanding comes respect.

Which’s why, on Thursday, at Dean Smith’s funeral service, one of the most famous guy at Battle each other, a college that dislikes UNC with the passion of 1,000 blue-deviled sunlight, wore a Carolina Blue tie out of regard for the man he replaced as the greatest instructor in ACC history.

Krzyzewski and Smith were polar revers off the court, however specifically the very same on it. As John Feinstein explains in his book A March to Insanity, throughout a substantial 1993 video game at the Dean Dome, the trains (K coming off back-to-back titles, Smith on the way to his 2nd) were summoned to the marker’s table after three minutes since they were jawing at the refs on every possession.

When asked to explain, Krzyzewski joked that 21,000 individuals were against him and the refs were the only 3 people in the structure he felt comfortable speaking to him. While Smith smarmily attempted to disregard Coach K’s smarmy remark, Krzyzewski swung him off, calling him “full of [curse] after that went back to the sideline and stated “if I ever for one min begin to imitate him, do not ask a single question. Just obtain a gun as well as shoot me.”

The relationship defrosted with time, causing the respect that Krzyzewski revealed on Thursday. Time truly does recover all wounds.